How much insulation a house should have depends on building design, climate, energy costs, budget, and personal preference.
Metal Roofing

Are you interested in moving in the metal roofing direction? Did you know that metal roofing can be applied over an existing roof?
Interior Door

When you buy a door from Shone Lumber we want you to be completely satisfied.

Before you begin any roofing project, it is important to obtain the applicable building code.

Whether you are ready for window installation or just looking for clear answers, we can help.
Exterior Doors

Whether you need a patio door or a front door we have just what you need.
Interior Molding

Here at Shone Lumber we believe molding is an inexpensive way to bring a new life to your home.
Siding & Trim

Siding & Trim is designed to cover the outside walls of the house to help protect from the effects of weather for years to come.
Building Products

At Shone Lumber we offer a full line of building materials including lumber, hardwood and molding, nails and fasteners, roofing, sheetrock, plywood, paneling and concrete wire and rebar.
Lumber & Panels

Shone Lumber yard stocks a full range of wood products for all of your consumer and industrial needs.

Special Offers

2017 Home Builder Program

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Who Is Eligible: Pre-Qualified Home Builders and Commercial Remodelers How To Qualify: Be enrolled by your local AZEK Building Products Sales Representative. Rebate Amount: Each payout is based on quarterly submission. Rebate payouts will roll up from quarter to quarter and variance will be paid out upon current quarterly submission.
Offered By: Shone Lumber